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Surfasol’BITUMAC is a cold mix containing blast furnace and a mixture of synthetic bitumen and hydrocarbon solvent. The black mix asphalt comes in black and is available in 25 kg buckets. It can be used at low temperature. It was especially formulated for permanent repair and sealing in asphalt / concrete surfaces.  A blocking process when compacting occurs allows for immediate reopening to traffic.  Please fill in our contact form for MSDS request.

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Additional Information

Cold mix containing blast furnace slag and a mixture of synthetic bitumen and hydrocarbon solvent.

● Evens out potholes, trenches, subsidence or damage in car parks, pavements, roads. ● Repairs frost-damaged asphalt / concrete surfaces. ● Seals manhole covers, sewer drains. ● Seals surrounding asphalt when repairing gas/water mains. ● Fixes street furniture such as parking meters, lampposts.

● Ready-to-use. ● Long-shelf life. ● Easy to handle and use. ● Adheres to all types of substrates – concrete, asphalt, steel, cast iron – after compacting. ● Flexible for easy application. ● Blocking process when compacted allowing for immediate reopening to traffic. ● Suitable for intense traffic. Withstands vibrations due to road and rail traffic. ● Does not adhere to car tyres and tools. ● Can be applied in very cold or very hot weather (- 40°C to + 60°C). ● Its self-binding agent ensures that the material adheres perfectly, even on wet substrate. ● Reacts well to changes in temperature. ● Excellent resistance to freeze/thaw cycles and to de-icing salt. ● Resistance similar to that of hot mix asphalt

• Remove all traces of loose material, oil, grease, from the surface to repair. • If possible, square the edges and obtain a 3-5 cm deep regular surface profile. • If the hole is too deep, fill it partly with appropriate crushed materials before spreading the product. • Pour Surfasol’BITUMAC into the hole. Place sufficient material to form a 1 cm crown to allow for compaction. • Compact with a drum roller, a vibratory plate compactor, or a tamper.


● 25-kg plastic bucket. – Black lid for aggregate size 0/4. – Green for aggregate size 0/8. ● 33-bucket stretch-wrapped pallet.

● Grain size: – 0/4, for 2-4 cm deep surface. – 0/8, for 3-8 cm deep surface. ● Density: 1.6 to 1.9 (not compacted) / 2 to 2.3 (compacted). ● Coverage: 20 kg/m² at 1 cm thick.

● Customs code: 2714 90 00 90.

● Must be stored in its sealed original packaging, between 5°C and 25°C. ● Shelf life: 1 year.