Elasto’SCEL is a flowable repair mortar with mixed binder (mineral/polymer). The cold mix comes in 20 kg buckets and is ideal for sealing street furniture as well as repairing asphalt or concrete surfaces.

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Additional Information

• Two-component flowable repair mortar with mixed binder (mineral /polymer).
• Its fast-setting formula allows traffic to reopen in two hours.
• Does not require any specific tools.

• Evens out potholes, depressions, or damage in asphalt and concrete surfaces.
• Seals and levels manhole covers, sewer trenches, fire hydrants.
• Anchors street furniture, bollards, poles, road signs, billboards, fountains.
• Fixes hatches, electricity panel boxes.

• Flowable mortar – easy to apply.
•Fast setting: traffic reopens two hours after application.
• Resistant to hydrocarbons and oil.
•Resistant to de-icing salt.
•Compaction not necessary.
• Gives a perfectly level surface.
• Repaired surface does not deform (no ruts or bulges).
• Remains flexible to avoid cracking.
• Excellent adhesion to old asphalt and concrete.
• Withstands heavy traffic.
• Highly resistant to freeze-thaw.
• Can be used in winter on damp and cold substrate in negative temperatures.
• Excellent reaction to change in temperatures: – Water immersion/freeze cycle resistance test – internal procedure. – Water immersion/dry cycle resistance test – internal procedure. • Excellent stability: stability test in pot – internal procedure.
• Safe for the environment and the user.

• Mix 1 bag of minerals with 1 bottle of binder for one minute to obtain a lump-free mixture (directly in the bucket). • Pour the mortar into the hole or the trench. • Smooth the surface if necessary.

• Black, Grey.

• 20 kg plastic bucket (contains 2 bags of mineral (powder form) and 2 bottles of binder (liquid form). • Black lid. • 33-bucket stretch-wrapped pallet.

• Mortar density: 2.2. • Grain size: 0/6. • Coverage: 22kg/m² at 1 cm thick. • Pot time: 30 minutes at 20°C. • Ready for traffic in 2 hours at 20°C. • Compressive test: – 17.95 MPa, 28.73 KN at 24 hours – 18.6 MPa, 29.75 KN at 7 days – 22.4 MPa, 35.9 KN at 28 days. • Dilution: water. • Odour: none. • Equipment cleaning: with water. • VOC content: < 1% of product composition

• Customs codes: – Mineral (powder): 3906 00 00 00. – Binder (liquid): 2517 00 00 00. – Labelling: none.

• Must be stored in its sealed original packaging, between 5°C and 25°C. • 1-year shelf life.