Elasto’RÉSIPOX is a premixed patch material ideal for potholes. It contains bitumen emulsion and fast-setting plant-based epoxy resin that improves its elasticity. The cold mix aggregate size 0/10 is ideal for filling deep holes.

The cold mix asphalt comes in black or red and is supplied in 25-kg buckets. This high-performance maintenance product is easy to use and can be driven over immediately after application.

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Cold mix containing bitumen emulsion and plant-based epoxy resin.

– Potholes, holes, trenches, sewer drains, manhole covers, general road maintenance. – High traffic areas. – Creation of driveways and footpaths.

Ready-to-use. ● Long-shelf life. ● Flexible when applied. ● Dries quickly; can be driven over immediately after application. ● Fast curing (48 hours) while remaining flexible. ● Suitable for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. ● Reacts well to changes in temperature. ● Resistance similar to that of hot mix asphalt. ● Does not stick to car tyres. ● Excellent resistance to freeze/thaw cycles and to de-icing salt. ● Can be applied in wet weather.

Prepare the surface by removing all loose material from the pothole/hole/trench to be repaired. ● If possible, square the edges and obtain a 3-5 cm deep regular surface profile (10 to 15 cm for grain size 0/10). ● Pour Élasto’RÉSIPOX into the hole. Place sufficient material to form a 1 cm crown to allow for compaction ● Spread evenly with a shovel or a rake. ● Compact with a drum roller, a vibratory plate or a tamper.

Black. ● Oxide Red.

● 25-kg plastic bucket. – Black lid for black asphalt. – Red lid for oxide red asphalt. ● 33-bucket stretch-wrapped pallet.

● Bitumen emulsion + plant-based fast setting epoxy resin. ● pH 2.2 to 2.6. ● Aggregate size: 0/4, 0/6, 0/10. ● Density: 1.6 to 1.9 (not compacted). 2 to 2.3 (compacted). ● Coverage: 20 kg/m² at 1cm thick. ● Voc < 1 % (Black). ● Voc < 1.2 % (Red).

● Customs code: 2715 000 00. ● Complies with XP 18-545 standard (aggregates). ● Complies with EN 12697-1 (soluble binder content) and EN12697-2 (particle size distribution) standards. ● Labelling: none.

● Must be stored in its sealed original packaging, between 5°C and 25°C. ● 1-year shelf life.