Elasto’DENSE is a premixed bitumen emulsion and plantbased resin cold mix for instant pothole repairs. The repair product is supplied in 25 kg buckets and is available in black or red. 

Its dense grading curve provides excellent mechanical resistance, which makes Elasto’DENSE particularly suited for surfaces subjected to heavy loads. It is also recommended for use in high temperatures.

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Additional Information

• Double coated bitumen emulsion cold mix for surfaces subjected to heavy mechanical loads, also recommended for use in high temperatures.

• Potholes, trenches, general road maintenance. • High traffic zones. • Particularly well suited for hot countries.

• Ready-to-use. • Long shelf life. • Dense graded mix adding mechanical resistance and life to surface. • Very good resistance to high temperatures; does not flow in warm weather. • Fast setting: immediate reopening of section to traffic. • Does not stick to car tyres. • Can be applied to damp surfaces.

• Prepare the surface by removing all loose material from the section to be repaired. • If possible, square the edges and obtain a 3-5 cm deep regular surface profile. • Pour the product into the hole. Place sufficient material to form a 1 cm crown to allow for compaction. • Spread evenly with a shovel or a rake. • Compact with a drum roller, a vibratory plate compactor, or a tamper.

• Black. • Oxide Red.

• 25-kg plastic bucket. – Black lid for black asphalt – Red lid for red asphalt. • 33-bucket stretch-wrapped pallet.

• Bitumen emulsion + high softening point resin. • Bitumen grade: 70/100. • pH: 2.2 to 2.6. • Aggregate size: 0/4, 0/6, 0/8, 0/10. • Density: 1.6 to 1.9 (not compacted) / 2 to 2.3 (compacted). • Coverage: 20 kg/m² at 1cm thick.

• Customs code: 2715 000 00. • Complies with XP 18-545 standards (aggregates). • Complies with EN 12697-1 (soluble binder content) and EN 12697-2 (particle size distribution) standards. • Labelling: none.

• Must be stored in its sealed original packaging, between 5°C and 25°C. • 1-year shelf life.