Déco’DRAIN is a solvent-free water-based premixed decorative coating. It is used in projects such footpaths, driveways (light vehicles), terraces and tree pits.

The permeable product offers benefits such as great ease of use and application as it does not require any specific tools. It will appeal to users who are looking for a simple, durable, economical and aesthetic surfacing.

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Additional Information

• Permeable water-based premixed coating with clear organo mineral binder, specially formulated by Aspho for durable eco-friendly decorative surfacing.

• Ideal for footpaths, driveways (light vehicles), terraces, decorative patterns, tree pits. •Suitable for outside.

• Solvent-free one-component material. The aggregate/binder mix is prepared at the factory. . Doese not contain any cement or lime. . The clear binder enhances the aggregates’ natural colour. Easy to install. Requires no specific tools. • Viscoelastic properties and high mechanical strength. • Highly resistant to cracks and impact. Good resistance to hydrocarbons and oil. Excellent resistance to U.V. • Can withstand large variations in temperatures. • Leachate test: negative. • Quick bonding properties (less than 24 hours). • Dries quickly. No shrinkage. Easy maintenance. • Excellent resistance to water immersion/freeze cycles. • Excellent resistance to water immersion/dry cycles. Durable aesthetic qualities. The natural colour of the aggregates will not fade over time.

• No primer required. CONCRETE OR COLD MIX ASPHALT SURFACES (stabilized soil not recommended): The customer must ensure the ground has enough bearing capacity to support trafic. It is recommended to divide the area into >12 m2 zones with flexible Aspho garden edging which offers the possibility to the installer to create designs of different shapes or colours. The layout plan facilitates the application and allows the installer to interrupt his work at any moment. No need for expansion joints. Pour the premixed product into the area and spread with a rake. Level the surface with a float trowel to achieve a smooth finish. Use circular motions. Compacting is not recommended. Renew the operation for each zone . TREE PIT: First remove particles such as dirt or grass from the surface, then compact. Install a geotextile on the gravel on the gravel. Pour the mixture onto the surface at 3 cm thick maximim. • Dry weather conditions and temperatures > 15°C required for 3 consecutive days after application. In the event of rain, protect the area with a tarpaulin. Removing the cover once the rain stops will avoid condensation and encourage evaporation.

Stone. • Occitan Coral . Quercy White.

• 25 kg bucket / 33-bucket pallet. ● 600 kg Big-Bag on pallet.

• Crushed or rounded aggregate-based mix. pH: 7.5 (+/- 0.5). Grain size: Occitan Coral: 0/6, Quercy White: 0/11 (crushed aggregates), Stone: 2/8 (recommended for tree pits as more fragile) – rounded aggregate. Consumption: about 17 kg/m² at 1cm thick,ie. 40 to 45 kg per m2 at 2.5 cm thick • Thickness: 2 to 3 cm maximum. Edging height: 2.5 cm. Pot life: 1 hour. • Open to light foot and LV traffic: 12 to 24 h depending on t° and humidity. • Optimal mechanical properties obtained within 3 to 4 days depending on t° and humidity. Application température: 15 to 30°C. Apply one layer. Density: 1.70 (+/- 0.1). . • Equipment cleaning: water (fresh product), white spirit (dry product). • VOC content: < 1% of the product composition. • Solvent-free.

• Customs code 2714 90 00 00. • Labelling: none.

• Must be stored in the shade in its sealed original packaging, between 5°C and 25°C. ● Shelf life: – Bucket: 1 year. – Big-bag: 2 months.