BSC®JP is a sealant developed specifically for jointing paving blocks. It is poured with a lance and does not require a primer. It withstands heavy traffic loads. Its low Fraass breaking point (- 25 °C) makes it suitable for use in areas subjected to vibrations such as underground stations.

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Additional Information

• Synthetic bitumen for filling paving blocks.

• Jointing paving blocks laid on a sand bed.

• Primer not required, excellent grip on paving. • Its high elasticity provides elongation, flexibility and hardness. • Very low Fraass breaking point increases joint’s mechanical properties at low temperatures. • Resists all mechanical cleaning methods. • Excellent resistance to freeze/thaw cycles and to de-icing salt.

• The product is supplied in 500 g small solid bags packed in 15 kg thermofusible bags. • This type of packaging allows for easy handling and quick-melting of the BSC packs. • The boiler’s thermostat must be set between 170°C and 190°C. • Pour the binder with a lance between the paving blocks, then sprinkle with sand. • The binder’s viscosity can be increased or decreased by changing the temperature of the boiler, which can be necessary on sloping sites.

• Stone (Natural). • Grey 7023. • Other colours available on request.

• 500 g small solid bags packed in 15 kg thermofusible bags. • 1,000 kg Big-Bag on pallet.

• Download data sheet for information.

• Customs code 2715 000 00.

• Must be stored in its sealed original packaging, between 5°C and 25°C. • 3-year shelf life.